What if you didn’t have to be sick?

Kind of interesting to think about. Hard to believe sometimes that our health is something that we have that much control over. The truth is, we really do.

How many times do you read about many of the diseases occurring now in the Bible? Almost never. My next question is does that mean that they were still happening? I don’t think so. The Bible very clearly mentions different diseases. So then we must ask ourselves what is different now.

One of the biggest things that has changed is how aware we are of what we put in our bodies. We are so willing to put chemicals and things in our bodies now. The irony is that by doing this we are actually doing more harm than good many times.

God gave the Israelites a guideline for a reason. By following it, people had a better quality of life. They lived longer. They had fewer diseases. Why?

A very successful person I respect a great deal says that you see what everyone else is doing, then do the opposite. What if we started doing the opposite? That is what I am doing. Truth be told I am most likely healthier than most of you reading this. What have I done?

When you go to your doctor, I go to my chiropractor. When you are drinking soda, I am drinking water. When you put death in your body, I am putting life in mine. DO THE OPPOSITE!

Being sick is not something we have to be. Praise God for that! My prayers are for you guys to have the most incredible health possible.

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