You are making an impact

We all want to think that some way, some how we are doing something to make an impact on some one. We like to think that what we go through is not in vain. It is so easy for people to make that impact. We are all being watched by people. Even if all you can do is get on your computer, and post things of Facebook. People notice what you are posting, the tone that you are writing in, and the attitude that you have while writing.

People are looking for things. Many are looking for that sense of hope. That feeling that when everything is going against them, that there is hope to come out on top because others have done it before them. Strong people are wanting to follow the trail that even Stronger people blazed before them. It is such a hard trail to blaze at times.

When I was first diagnosed, I was looking for a trail to follow, and when I found one, I was so excited. Now as I have dealt with many issues, I am finding myself seeking to be the trailblazer so that I can help out others who need it. There are no easy trails. There are just trails that are less hard. By having to follow one of these trails you are making an impact. So many people crumble at the thought of even having to go down one. We are not like some. We have NO choice. We HAVE to go down one. We do have the choice on how we go down them.

You are making an impact in everything that you do. People are watching to see if you will rise up, or fall down. I am going to encourage each of you reading this to always rise up. You are stronger than the situation that you are in.

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