You define your circumstances

We have a choice we can either let our circumstances define us, or we can define our circumstances.  Let me show you an example of how this works.  Below is a picture taken one week after I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease.


I was presented with a mountain to climb.  I refused to let my circumstance define who I was.  So I vowed in my heart that no matter what, I would beat it.  I define my circumstances.  The next picture was taken almost a year later.  That is me thriving with a disease that is at times crippling.


So many people are facing the same issues, yet there are some who seem to be thriving while others seem to be struggling.  I ask you, why?  If you are reading this, you are already one of the strongest people I know.  You don’t have to settle for your circumstances.  The trick to changing your circumstances is simple, you just have to tilt your to the side a little, and change the way you look at them.

When you start changing how you look at your circumstances, your whole world will change.  Things that bothered you won’t.  You look at things as building blocks rather than stumbling blocks.  You look at things as an opportunity for growth.  It is at that point where you start thriving.

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2 thoughts on “You define your circumstances

  1. findmein2013

    You raise an amazing, and inspirational post. Thank you.

  2. Keep up the good fight. After my third surgery I now talk as if I am “cured.” I’m not really but I believe that I am and will continue to think so.

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