It’s not the end of the world, it is only the beginning.

It is scary to be diagnosed with a chronic disease.  One of the first things that goes through a person’s mind is the fact that they will have the disease for the rest of their life.  Immediately they are labeled as a sick person.  They are labeled with a disease that strikes fear into the hearts of many people.  Society has put in them a mindset that their life will only go downhill.

Try being in the prime of your, and given one of those diagnoses.  You are on top of the world, and then all of the sudden, the rug is taken out from under you.  So many things cross your mind.  It is whirlwind.  So many things you haven’t done, so many things society says you won’t be able to do.

Let me tell you one thing.


Your life is just beginning.  Being diagnosed with a chronic disease is a reason to live, not die.  It is a green light to take nothing for granted, and to live life to the fullest.  You have no excuse not to.  We choose not to live because we are afraid of things.  Guess what, most of you guys reading this who have a chronic disease or symptoms of one, already deal with extreme amounts of pain or have dealt with it.  Most of you guys have at some point nearly been on your death bed.  Most of you guys have been down to your last dollar.  What is stopping you from living?  Better yet, what is stopping you from thriving?

To deal with what we deal with mentally and physically you have to be almost near superhuman at times.  I will tell you guys that the strongest people I know have this disease, or are undiagnosed with many of the symptoms.  Society says we have to be defeated.  I say we don’t.  Having a chronic disease is not the end of the world, it is simply the beginning.

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