Social Networking with IBD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is often times a debilitating disease making it hard at times for people to be able to leave their own houses. As a result maintaining it becomes hard to maintain friendships with those who do not have the disease. This is where social networking has become a best friend to those who have the disease.

Social networking allows people who have similar interests to be able to come together, and talk about those things. It brings people from all over the world, and all different walks of life together. As a result people who have diseases that make it hard for them to go out very often can feel as though they are still part of the world.

Also this allows for people with different backgrounds, or in this case diseases, to be able to talk with someone who truly understands what they are going through. There are many times where words simply cannot explain how one feels, or people simply do not understand how hard coping with something really is. By going to different social networking sites, a person is instantly able to connect with someone who can identify with the situation.

It is this ability to connect that makes coping with inflammatory bowel disease so much easier. Upon being diagnosed myself, I had no idea what this disease was. I turned to the internet to look for help on how to deal with this disease. The wealth of knowledge that was available from being able to connect with these people helped me out immensely. I went from being scared, and feeling all alone to empowered, knowing that I could handle anything that was thrown at me. It was this empowerment that has shown me that I am more than my disease. At any time of day there are people who are always right there willing to listen, and over a shoulder for anyone who needs one. Race, gender, age, religious background does not matter in these places. Everyone is fighting for the same cause in these places. There is a bond that is instantly formed that cannot and never will be broken between members in these communities. People become brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers to people who they have never met or may never meet.

Social networking has played a major role in how people are coping with chronic diseases. It creates a safe place for people to go who are always there, supporting them. Social networking truly helps people to be able to thrive with their diseases.

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One thought on “Social Networking with IBD

  1. So true. And so eloquent. You’re off to a great start Josh!

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